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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of an overhaul of your battery is much lower. For some types, the price itself can be up to 50% cheaper than purchasing a new battery. 

Older bicycle batteries are often no longer available, so an overhaul may be the only solution. 

Very simply explained, we give your battery a second life in just a few steps. 

An overhaul at BatteryFix always means a completely new internal battery (cell pack). The quality of an overhaul is therefore comparable to the purchase of a new battery. 

BatteryFix always uses A+ brands of parts and cells such as LG, Samsung & Panasonic. 

We only receive our contact points with us, you can never bring your battery directly to us. 

You can find all our contact points on our website. You will be welcomed there with a smile and they will be happy to help you with all your questions. 

Please include battery, charger & key to be submitted to one of our contact points. This way we can test everything and be sure that all components are functioning properly.

No cure = No pay 

You pay nothing if we cannot overhaul the battery. 

5% of all batteries we receive cannot be repaired, so it is always worth bringing your battery in. We will communicate to you directly or via the contact point if the battery cannot be repaired. 

If you would like to receive the old housing again at the contact point, we will only charge shipping. BatteryFix can never be held liable for batteries that prove to be irreparable after the start of the overhaul. 

For example, if you have a battery with original capacity 24V 6.6Ah, you can request a 14Ah battery. This is how you obtain the price for a 24V 14Ah battery. If this upgrade is not successful for your battery housing, we will produce a lower capacity and charge a lower price. 

In other words, you can select the maximum amount you want to pay for an upgrade and we will see what is possible.

If a charger or connector is broken, we will never automatically overhaul your battery. 

We will arrange communication to you directly or via the contact point for a different price. 

In 95%, the price of the batteries that BatteryFix can overhaul is stated via the selection tool. 

Exceptions to the rule will be communicated to you directly or via the contact point. 

BatteryFix will never carry out a repair without approval that involves an additional charge, only for an upgrade in capacity that has already been communicated in advance. 

Every battery repaired by BatteryFix has a 12-month warranty. The warranty period starts on the date stated on the invoice. 

Do you have a question?

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